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Myanmar’s Rakhine State Chief Minister Resigns

By M.S. Anwar

June 20, 2014

Rakhine State Chief Minister resigned according to an announcement by Myanmar’s President Office yesterday.

Chief Minister of Rakhine State of Myanmar, U Hla Maung Tin, resigned on June 19, 2014.  President’s office of Myanmar announced that the chief minister had been allowed to resign on own volition.


However, speculations are rife that the chief minister didn’t resign on his own volition but was forced to resign.

“He involved in creating violence and unrests. He had links with militants from Arakan Liberation Army (ALA), armed wing of Arakan Liberation Party (ALP). There are many instances that his government helped Rakhine extremists in smuggling weapons into the state.

He, being a Rakhine extremist himself, and RNDP, together with ALP involve separatist movements. That might be why he was forced to resign. Not for the reason that his government has involved in killing of Rohingyas.

Now, we have to observe government’s next move. Because the government always tends to replace a ruling mechanism with more brutal one” said local Rohingya Community Elder in Maungdaw.

U Hla Maung Tin held the position of Chief Minister of Rakhine State representing USDP (Union Solidarity Development Party). However, he started to associate more with RNDP (Rakhine National Development Party), the dominant Rakhine party, chaired by Dr. Aye Maung, a main culprit of Rohingya Genocide.