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Myanmar’s Military Torture Rohingyas and Plunder their Properties

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) –The ruthless Myanmar military personnel torture the local Rohingyas and plunder their properties in Maungdaw Township, according to the reliable sources.

The two military battalions, 564 and 378, have recently been deployed in commandment area () 2 in northern Maungdaw. They have set up sentry post at the villages such as ‘Hlaing Thi,’ ‘Kamauk Seik,” and Aung Zan.

The locals say that the military personnel from the sentry posts raid Rohingya homes day and night. They beat the passers-by without asking question and for no reason at all. They seize their money and other belongings.

They are purportedly oppressing the local Rohingyga people in a way that they leave their homes and flee from the country.

“Ali Hussein Sultan Ahmed, 25, hails from ‘Tan Bin Gaa’ hamlet of ‘Kamauk Seik’ village tract encountered with some military personnel on his way to ‘Aung Zan’ village for a work purpose on June 11. The military gang was headed by the deputy commander of the battalion 564.

As the military encountered the innocent Rohingya man, they, without asking anything, started punching and kicking him like a war captive. Therefore, he got severely injured and fainted on the spot.

Moreover, the gang of the military pulled out an ox from the cattle owned by U Ishaaque Faeezul Kabir from ‘Shitaa’ hamlet of Aung Zan village tract on June 12. The military slaughter the ox and ate up,” said a local Rohingya in the region.

The military of the battalion 564 has also confiscated the acres of the farm lands owned by the locals on the pretext that the lands are needed for the purpose of the battalion. Hence, the owners of the land are unable to harrow the land for agriculture.

On the other hand, on June 11, the military from the battalion 378 based nearby the border’s barbed wire fence in ‘Saale Taung’ village extorted Kyat 400,000 from a villager named Mr. Zafar Alam Kabir Ahmed, 26, on the allegation of smuggling wood logs.

Similarly, the next day, the commander of the battalion 378 accused Mr. Noor Islam Kabir, 30, from the same village of keeping a woman as guest at his home without informing him. He called him (Noor Islam) up, beat him and extorted Kay 500,000 under this arbitrary allegation, the reliable sources said.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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