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Myanmar’s Military Torture an Innocent Rohingya for Ransom

By MYARF ׀ Thursday, August 28, 2014

Buthidaung, Arakan ׀

The Myanmar Military arbitrarily arrested and severely tortured an innocent Rohingya at Paya-pyin-aung-pyaa’ village in Buthidaung Township for Ransom, say the reliable sources.Buthidaung

The military arrested the Rohingya man last Friday night upon a false complaint against him by the village administrator who is Rakhine extremist named Maung Chan Thar.

“Noor Ali (son of) U Islam (of age 25) is a local of Paya-pyin-aung-pyaa village in Buthidaung Township. The village administrator, Maung Chan Thar, arbitrarily accused Noor Ali of abusing him (the administrator) on August 22. Then, he beat him up.

Even yet, on August 24, the village administrator complaint to the military of Battalion 263 (based in Nyaung Chaung village) that Noor Ali had abused him. Around 10:00PM of the same day, the military raided Noor Ali’s house and arrested him. He was detained and severely in the military detention. Then, the military demanded a ransom of Kyat 150,000 from his family for his release.

Being poor, Noor Ali’s mother didn’t have the money. So, she sought help from her villagers and collected around Kyat 90,000. However, when she went to the military camp to get her son released with the amount, the military said that they would not release her son because their demand was not fulfilled.

Now, they are demanding Kyat 300,000 ransom for Noor Ali’s release citing that it was because the payment was not made in time. Therefore, Noor Ali is being tortured inhumanely and still detained” said eyewitness declining to be named.

“Besides, the military some horses and they (the horses) destroy Rohingyas’ paddy fields and crops. When Rohingya people try to prevent from destroy the crops, the military torture the people” he continued.

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