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Myanmar’s Military Cripple Livelihoods of Rohingya in Rathedaung

By Rohingya Eye ׀ Rathedaung, Arakan

Friday, October 17, 2014

The Captain of a Military Light Infantry Battalion based in Rathedaung Township   in cooperation with some Rakhine extremists is attempting to sabotage the livelihoods of the local Rohingya fishermen in the region, says a reliable source.

The military commander carries out atrocities against Rohingya people in collaboration with a local Rakhine extremist called U Than Win who is also military personnel. [They are also connected with human Traffickers. (Read HERE)]

Rathedaung Township
Rathedaung Township

“On October 9, Captain Ye Yin Aung together with four other military personnel and a Rakhine extremist, U Than Win, arrived at a sea shore where four local Rohingyas dry the fish they catch and run a small dry-fish business. They tried to extort Kyat 500,000 from them. When the poor fishermen said they were not rich enough to have such a huge of amount money, they were beaten and arrested.

Then, the military personnel confiscated Kyat 500,000 worth of dry fishes literally leaving no dry fishes in their store. Later, having extorted Kyat 25,000 from each of them, the military captain released them a day afterwards. The victims are:

1)      Ayub (son of) Sultan, Age 45

2)     Hakim Ali (son of) Abdul Gaffar, Age 35

3)      Yunose (son of) Abdu Jalil, Age 45

4)     Abul Kasim (son of) Furuk Ahmed, Age 46

They are villagers of Maina village in Rathedaung Township of the same Kodan Kauk village tract” said a local of Rathedaung.

“The said military officer, Captain Ye Yin Aung, is in-charge of a light infantry battalion based in Nga-Pee-Chee village of Kodan Kauk (Doom Sey) village tract, Rathedaung Township.

And U Than Win, Rakhine extremist of age 47, is also a military personnel and is appointed as an agent to charge money from Rohingya fishermen in the township. He forcibly charges Kyat 100,000 from a Rohingya boat and Kyat 20,000 from a small engine boat per outing to the sea for fishing. He always tortures and extorts money from local Rohingyas with the cooperation by the military.

It has become difficult for us to survive because the authority is deliberately trying to cripple our livelihoods” he continued.

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