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Myanmar’s Military Commit Atrocities against Rohingyas

By Rohingya Mirror

Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) – Myanmar’s military has been continuously committing atrocities against the innocent Rohingyas in northern Maungdaw since last month, according to the local sources.

The military led by a Major, the commander of the battalion ‘352’ in northern Maungdaw  has been subjecting the local Rohingyas as forced labours, using their motor-vehicles by force and extorting money from them under arbitrary allegations.  

“Some higher level government officers are set to visit northern Maungdaw soon. Thus, the commander of the battalion 352 based in ‘Kamauk Seik’ village and the police commander of the police station based in ‘Aung Zan’ village summoned 30 Rohingyas from Aung Zan village to work as forced labours in making a landing ground for the Helicopters of the higher government officials set for the visit.

Although the locals are not willing to work as forced labours, they fear that they will be tortured by the military and the police. The people have been being subjected as forced labours since yesterday,” said ‘M,’ in northern Maungdaw.

Besides, it has been learnt that the commander of the battalion ‘352’ has ordered the locals to reserve a motorcycle for his personal use every day.

“The commader of the ballation 352 has by force used the motorcycle of Mr. Khairul Amin Ali Ahmed, 30, from ‘Furaan Ma’ainjua’ hamlet of ‘Bokshu Phwera’ village tract continuously for three days. The military officer returned his motorcycle after it had broken down,” said a Rohingya in the village.

Moreover, the commander and his subordinate officer, a captain and in-charge of the infantry unit based at the Buddhist Monastery in ‘Wela Tuang Thek (Chakma)’ village often summon the local Rohingyas to the monastery They threaten and beat the people in order to extort money from them. They have extorted money from the following innocent people from ‘Shitaa’ hamlet of ‘Hlaing Thi’ village tract under arbitrary accusation in the recent days.

No. Name Father’s Name Age Extorted Amount Date Remark
1 Noorul Islam Monizzama 25 Kyat 150,000 Sept 2 Accused of possessing Bangala Phone
2 Zafar Alam Ali Hussein 30 Kyat 100,000 Sept 2
3 Saber Ahmed Abu Kasim 30 Kyat 100,000 Sept 2
4 Iman Hussein Basa Meah 35 Kyat 100,000 Sept 3
5 Lal Meah Kasim Ali 30 Kyat 70,000 Sept 3

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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