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Myanmar’s Armed Forces Subject Rohingyas as Forced Labours to Rebuild Camps

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s armed forces subject Rohingya villagers as forced labours to rebuild their camps damaged by the recent cyclone in Maungdaw Township, according to the reliable sources.

The camps, one military camp and two camps of Border Guard Police (BGP), are located in Kyauk Pandu (Shitaaf) village in southern Maungdaw. Every day, six people are used as forced labors in rebuilding the camps.

“Most of the people in Kyauk Pandu village are poor people earn their livelihoods on fishing and logging in the forest. Now, they are struggling to recover from the destructions of their homes and properties caused by the cyclone storm last week.

The natural disaster victims don’t receive any aids for rehabilitation from the government or anyone. Besides, the prices of foods and goods have started to rise so high that many people are unable to have regular meals.

Amidst this vulnerable situation, unfortunately, the cruel Border Guard Police (BGP) and the heartless military are forcing six people in the village every day to work as labours in the rebuilding their camps damaged by the storm last week.

When the people hesitate to work as forced labours, the BGP beat them inhumanely” said a village asking to withhold his identity.

The village has 1200 household making up a population of 5400. There is also sizable Rakhine population live in the village. But the Myanmar armed forces are only using the Rohingyas as forced labors.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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