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Myanmar’s Armed Forces Plunder Rohingya Homes under Population Survey Banner

By MYARF ׀ Sunday, August 31, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan ׀

Myanmar’s armed forces have recently started to commit untold atrocities and crimes against Rohingyas and plunder their homes during the process of the so-called population survey, local Rohingyas report.

It has been learnt that Myanmar authority has been branding them as Illegal Bengali Immigrants under the pretext of the population survey to give them a foreigners’ image on their own land. And the armed forces include the military, the border guard police and the anti-illegal immigration force.

Recent reports on the atrocities against Rohingyas have been as follows:

“A joint group of the Anti-Illegal Immigration Force, the Border Guard Police and the Military raided the Montulla (Bodu Fara) hamlet of Alay Than Kyaw (also called Haishshu Rata) village tract, southern Maungdaw, around 11:00PM on August 29. There were 20 Policemen, 20 Anti-Illegal Immigration Force and 40 military personnel. The village administrator, Maung Tun Khine (a Rakhine) and his stooge, Kyaw Zay Yar, were also with them.

They raided house by house and beat everyone, from children to women to men, found before them. They vandalized household properties and looted jewelries and other valuable properties. They forced the Rohingya people in the village to accept to be registered as Illegal Bengali immigrants. Besides, they confiscated their Household Registration List (Ain Taung Suu Saa Yin) and ordered the people to go to regional commandment office of Region 7 to get the back the list.

Some of the victims of the atrocities by the armed forces are:

1)     Wife of Yaasin (son of) Shaaf Meah (of age 33) was beaten, 32.7 gram of gold and three chickens were looted

2)     Wife of Abdul Manaf (son of) Laal Meah (of age 55) was tortured

3)     Abdullah (son of) Laal Meah (son of) Sayed Ahmed (of age 95) was beaten and arrested.

4)     Abdur Rahman (son of) Ashraf Hussein (of age 63), his beard was plugged off

5)     Rahimullah (son of) Mohammed (of age 55), his beard was plugged off

6)     Ismail (son of) Mohammed Kasim was beaten severely

7)     Laal Meah (son of) Nazir Ahmed (of age 58) and his wife were beaten

8)     Abdu Shukkor was beaten and four chickens were confiscated.

9)     Naagu (son of) Zalal (of age 53) was beaten.

They left the village around 3:30AM on August 30. Besides, the commander of the Border Guard Police of Region 7 told his subordinates that their process to brand Rohingya people would be successful only when they treated the people brutally while he came to observe the process at the village administrator’s office around 11:00AM on August 30” said Aung Naing (not the real name), a local of Alay Than Kyaw.

Similar atrocities were carried out in Wachcha village in southern Maungdaw a day earlier.

“The 100 armed forces such as SaRaPha, SB, BGP, Military and Makapha raided the village around 1:00PM on August 28. They started to force Rohingyas accept ‘the Illegal Immigrants Classification’ at their gun-points. During the process, they indiscriminately tortured everyone. When some people said they would accept to be registered fearing the persecution, they armed force beat them up saying ‘why you didn’t do it earlier, why are you late in doing so?’ Those who didn’t agree to be registered as Bengalis were also beaten.

Therefore, when the people started to flee to escape the further atrocities, they chased them and beat them inhumanely. Many people were injured. Of them, five were critical. They are:

1)     Noor Islam (son of) Nazir Hussein

2)     Hassan (son of) Laal Meah

3)     Noor Alam (son of) Umar Daras

4)     Abul Kasim (son of) Laal Meah

5)     Abdu Baser (son of) Saleh Ahmed

The armed forces entered some homes. They destroyed household properties and looted the valuable properties.

They entered the house of Mv Noor Amin (son of) Shariff Ahmed in the lower hamlet of Wachcha village. They destroyed two cupboards, looted four expensive Watches, some gold chains, one hot-water-flask and three packets of coffee.

They looted Kyat 250,000 by breaking into the house of Noor Islam (son of) Nazir Hussein.

They entered the home of Mr. Kefayatullah (son of) Noor Ahmed and broke down two boxes and two cupboards. And they robbed some ladies cosmetics.

They also seized 12 cows and oxen. They belonged to:

1)     Fayaz Ahmed (son of) Zakaria, four cattle were seized.

2)     Fayaz (son of) Zafar Hussein, two cattle were seized.

3)     Abdul Malik (son of) Fazal Ahmed, an ox was seized.

4)     Johar (son of) Ismail, two oxen were seized.

5)     Basa Meah (son of) Haalu Meah, two cows were seized.

6)     Mohammed Zubair (son of) Fazal Karim, one ox was seized.

When the administrator of Wachcha village lodged complaints against the atrocities by the military to the commander of the Border Guard Police Region 7 in Alay Than Kyaw, the commander said “I have nothing to do with him. Complain to the military commander” a local Rohingya elder said.

“Similarly, the Border Guard Police arrested the shopkeepers in Alay Than Kyaw market around 10:00AM on August 28. Then, the police forced the shopkeepers to be registered as Bengali Immigrants and released them afterwards. The names of the forced victims are:

1)     Abul Kasim (son of) Noor Amin (of age 46)

2)     Aanzul Hussein (son of) Moghul Ahmed (of age 35)

3)     Azam (son of) Dollya and other four people” he added.Alay-Than-Kyaw

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