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Myanmar’s Armed Forces Besiege and Savage Rohingya Villages

By MYARF ׀ Saturday, August 30, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State ׀

The Myanmar armed forces such as the Border Guard Police (BGP) and the Military have besieged two Rohingya villages as the local Rohingya people refuse to be registered as ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants,’ disabling the locals from moving around, say the sources in Northern Maungdaw.

The two villages that have been under the siege of the military and the BGP are Kyein Chaung village (also known as Bawli Bazaar) and Londoong in northern Maugdaw. The armed forces opened fired at the innocent people, has been torturing them and bodily harassing Rohingya women in the villages so as to make the people agree to be registered as Bengali immigrants. The ongoing situation is extremely tensed, according to the reports. 

A Group of Military and Immigration Attempting to register Rohingyas as Illegal Bengalis in a Rohingya Village in Northern Maungdaw

“Myanmar’s Border Guard Police and Anti-Illegal Immigration Prevention Force (known as MaKaPha) raided the Kyein Chaung Village (also known as Bawli Bazaar) and encamped at the Transport Station in the village on Thursday, August 28. They arrested every Rohingya passer-by and forcibly registered them as Illegal Bengali Immigrants. Those who agreed to be registered as Bengali coming under the pressures and threats of the police and MaKaPha were released, while those who refused to be registered were arrested and detained in the Kyein Chaung Police Station.

Yesterday, the police released them having registered them as Bengali immigrants under their gun-points. The victims are:

1)     Ayyub (son of) Dudu Meah

2)     Saddan (son of) Zubair

3)     Shafiullah (son of) Mohammed Siddique

4)     Iqbal (son of) Altaf Hussein

5)     Abul Hussein (son of) Ledu Meah

6)     Haasu Meah (son of) Shaayer Mohammed

Yesterday, the armed forces also whacked a Rohingya woman on her head with an iron rod causing severe injuries and to shed blood” said a local declining to be named.

Similar brutalities have simultaneously been carried by the armed forces in an adjacent village named Londoong. It has been reported that the BGP has threatened that they would kill Rohingyas like they had done in Du Chee Yar Tan village earlier this year.

“Border Guard Police (BGP) and MaKaPha raided the Singri Fara (Pan Myaing) hamlet of Londoong village tract around 5:00PM on Thursday. The Rohingya men went into hiding since they didn’t want to be registered as Bengali immigrants, a term coined by the government for the Rohingyas. Therefore, they started forcing Rohingya women to be registered as Bengali immigrants. During the process, a policeman started to bodily harass a Rohingya woman.

Some youths hiding by the place could not tolerate it and came out to save her from the police’s harassment. Therefore, a quarrel between the police and the youths took place. The police opened fire at the youths. Four youths were hit by bullets and other five were arrested. Of the four youths injured by bullets, one youth was said to have passed away yesterday (i.e. on August 29).

Since then, the Border Guard Police has besieged the village” said a villager that escaped from the siege.

“Again since mid-day yesterday, more than fifteen military joined force with the BGP already besieging the Longdoon village. Arguments took place between the Immigrations escorted by the military when the immigration tried to force the village to be registered as Bengali.

Thus, the BGP threatened that if they villagers didn’t do as they ordered; they would massacre Rohingyas like in Duchiradan (Du Chee Yar Tan) village in southern Maungdaw in January 2014” he continued.

Meanwhile, Aziz Khan (son of) Rashid Ahmed (of age 17) hails from Attet Phyuma (Furma) village was inhumanely beaten by the BGP as he was coming back home through the besieged village, Londoong, said one of the victim’s villagers.

The latest reports have been that the BGP and the Military have blocked the Londoong village and Kyein Chaung village. No one is allowed to come out of the village nor is any able to enter the village. They have completely besieged the village. They threaten that they will continue it until and unless the Rohingyas agree to be registered as Bengali.

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  1. Frances Rosemary Hayday Frances Rosemary Hayday August 30, 2014

    This is raw genocide, the same brutal tactics of violence and extortion used by Nazi goons in WW11

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