Shuaib September 17, 2016

By Mohammed Shuaib

Myanmar Counsellor Daw Aung San Suu Kyi was once a struggler in claiming human rights during the period of   Burma’s military dictators for which she became familiar with some worldwide famous personalities and achieved the Nobel Peace Prize fortunately and ultimately.

Then, she has become a popular and trustworthy figure among the people of the world.  People started believing her as a philanthropist, patriot and human rights activist who was believed as an actual struggler for human rights regardless of gender, race and colour.

When military junta detained her, America pressurized on the Myanmar government from all sorts of possible ways including sanctions on business for which military regime had to release her along with materializing democratic system gradually.

It is not unknown to the world that since independence, the ethnic Rohingya community living in Arakan (presently Rakhine State) has been suffering under Myanmar government from extortion of money, confiscation of farmlands, collection of poll tax, restriction of movement and business, deprivation of higher education, raping women which have given the Buddhists a clear way of carrying on genocidal action against Rohingya community.

After long years of struggle to attain power, Suu Kyi has successfully formed a civilian government excluding the suffrage of Rohingya people on the allegation of being interlopers in harmony with Moghs (Rakhaines) although the world knows that Rohingya, generations after generations, have been living in their ancestral land, Arakan from time immemorial.  This was the first step of violating human rights under Suu Kyi who was once crying out and claiming for human rights.

Senior General Min Aung Hlaing is also still barking at Rohingya in the favour of Rakhine Buddhist extremists with Facebook saying that Rohingya are not worthy enough to be given recognition of nationality and equal rights as they are interlopers. Getting inspiration from him, military forces as well as Rakines haven’t stopped torturing Rohingya and raping Rohingya women yet.

After coming in power, Suu Kyi led government has not taken any step to stop aforesaid ill-treatments and it is a stronger evidence that the Rohingya are still facing genocide according to a number of studies done by international experts reported in New York Times. From this point, I can undoubtedly say that Suu Kyi is one of the human rights activists who struggle for the rights of herself and her own race only.

Suu Kyi, who is thought to be a possessor of purity and loftiness, has made a great plan to answer the criticisms against her for violating human rights herself by forming a Nobel Peace Prize Laureate Kofi Annan led commission in the shape of solving the Arakan Issue. The supporters of her point out to this Advisory Commission to blunt the criticism of Suu Kyi’s actions and policies. They don’t mention however that the commission doesn’t have a single Rohingya representative and the two Rakhine Buddhists who have been appointed supported crimes against humanity.

Inviting the commission in the country to observe the Arakan issue, now she is rounding all over the world including the attendance of ASEAN meeting, visiting White House in order to lift the conditional sanctions and so on. Precisely saying, Aung San Suu Kyi doesn’t want to give back the rights of Rohingya as she told in a press-conference of Yangon that she formed the Advisory Commission to observe the overall issue and submit the proposal to her only where all the decisions will be done according the will of the government.

So, it is clear that she has appeared with her real pretended face forming the commission to escape herself from the criticisms of the world and not to face any hindrance to attaining the favor of world leaders. According to proverb –Birds of the same feather flock together – “We, Rohingya can surely say that she is only acting on solving the Rohingya Issue as our people are now suffering more than being under the period of Military Junta and it seems that she has no mood of bringing peace in the country giving the rights that Rohingya people lost.

Now, US President Barack Obama has already taken the decision to lift the conditional sanctions on Myanmar which are mandatory to be continued in order to reform Myanmar democratically with the removal of rights violations. Thus it has come to light that the sufferings of Rohingya are going to remain increasingly forever.

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