RVISION July 23, 2015

By Aung Aung

Rathedaung, Arakan state (Rohingya Vision)- Rohingyas tortured and beaten by Myanmar’s soldiers for cultivating their own farmland yesterday in Rathedaung according to reliable sources.

Since 2012, state sponsored violence in Arakan lead Rohingyas starved to death.Following that they pleaded WFP to provide aid for them.

WFP has been providing rice since 2012, but last week two of WFP staffs came and informed that WFP won’t provide rice any more, Rohingya have to strive for their own livelihood.

When Rohingya pleaded “We are blocked here, have no right to work or go out to find food, how can we survive”? Staffs of WFP answered “We don’t know that, we are here to inform you what our higher officers directed to us.”

After getting unbearable with the situations without any hope in hunger and thirst, some villagers from Anauk Pyin of Rathedaung decided to do something for their survival. They came out of their houses, went to their farm lands nearby village, and started digging the land to grow rice.

Meanwhile some soldiers came and stated beating by saying that “Don’t you know you are not allowed to cultivate, for Rohingya there is nothing here, go to other country, that’s Thein Sein’s order” A Rohingya asked “Sir, how can we survive then?

A soldier answered “You Kalar die or alive is not our problem, appeal OIC and UN to provide you rice and right”

Two Rohingya were hit mercilessly with their rifles on head which lead to excess bleeding. Three others were kicked, another 4 were slapped by soldiers. After that they confiscated all cultivation materials from those innocent Rohingyas.

Rohingyas in Rathedaung of Arakan have been being blocked by Thein Sein government as a State’s plan of Rohingya genocide since 2012, after State’s sponsored genocidal violence against Rohingya from 2012. These sort of inhuman and unjust activities have become a daily routine for Rohingyas in Arakan.

*Kalar or Kular= a derogatory term used against the people of Indian descends in Burma. Lately, it has been being used especially against Muslims in the country.

[Edited by Arifa Sultana]

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