Shuaib June 15, 2017

By RVision TV Correspondents

14th June, 2017

Maungdaw- Myanmar Security forces’ nonstop raids against Rohingyas across Maungadw district have become daily occurrences that make them helpless, foodless and force them to flee the ancestral land to become refugees, a Rohingya activist reported.

Myanmar security forces including police, Border Guard Police (BGP), Military and Immigration officers have been carrying on the raids against the Rohingyas in Buthidaung and Maungdaw since October 2016. During the raids, they arrest the men whomever they find in the houses or villages, molest the women and plunder the houses.

Now, the security forces are repeatedly besieging Sein Hnyin Pyar (locally Sindi Prang) under Buthidaung where they are arresting innocent Rohingya men discriminately and arbitrarily, molesting the women and looting their homes.

“If the forces can arrest any man, he is not jailed now but compelled to give them a huge amount of money which is beyond his capability. As he has to give the money selling his belongings, family has to face starvation as no help is expected from others because of the same condition.

“That’s why, others have been taking shelter in the mountains or other areas to avoid the arbitrary arrest as well as torture and families are facing shortages of daily necessities for the lack of income. This unfavorable and vicious condition forces them to flee the country,” said a Rohingya elder helplessly and disappointedly.

On 14 June, Wednesday evening, a large number of military, nearly 400, unexpectedly came and surrounded the Lee Da village, Aung Saik Prang village track, in the north of Muangdaw. Then, some military solders along with BGP and immigration officers entered into the houses on the pretext of checking. The raid had been going on for about four hours in which they looted whatever the found, even new and valuable clothes.

Dropping tears, a poor local said, “the Burmese forces found no fault but they maltreated us. They looted everything from our homes and they left nothing for us to eat and wear. Where can we go now? What can we do? The world is blind to the reality of the situation but absorbed in the biggest liar Suu Kyi’s eloquence. The rich countries are donating her dollars to vanish us on the pretext of ensuring Rohingys’ rights”  

Myanmar security forces blockade any Rohingya village in Arakan and raid it at any time. Though they don’t find any fault, they try their best to destabilize the Rohingyas to leave their villages so that government can seize them to settle Buddhists calling from Bangladesh which is an open secret now.      

Edited by: Md. Shuaib

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