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Myanmar Security Force’s Failed Attempt of Robbery in Maungdaw

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

December 26, 2013

Maungdaw, Arakan: Myanmar Security Force attempted to carry out robberies in a Rohingya village in northern Maungdaw on 25th December 2013 night. However, this time, they failed to rob any house due to the courage shown by the villagers.

“On 25th December 2013 night, Hlun Hteins (Security Force) from the camp at the village of Padagha Dewanali (Garator Bil) in Region 2, northern Maungdaw, secretly went to a nearby village of Thet-Khine-Nyar (Shait-Kainna Fara). They attempted to carry out robberies in a few Rohingya houses in the village.

However, their attempts failed as all the villagers came to the rescue of the victims. Security Force fired 3 to 4 times up in the air. Yet, the villagers managed to chase the Security Force away.

Security Force quite often rob Rohingya houses under the banner of *Guest-Check. The villagers still fear that the security force may come back again in the future to carry out robberies.” said a Rohingya from a nearby village.

*Guest-Check (Aye-Sayin Sit) is Inquiry or Investigation by authority if there is any guest in any house. Especially, the rule has been heavily implied against Rohingyas in Arakan for more than two decades. If any Rohingya family keeps any guest without informing authority, the family is heavily punished.”