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Myanmar Police Brutally Burn the Private Parts of Four Rohingya Women

MYARF Report | Written by M.S. Anwar

25th March 2014

Northern Maungdaw, Arakan– Many Rohingya homes caught fire at the village of Sin-Tay-Pyin of Laung-Doong Village tract, northern Maungdaw, on 10th March 2014 and on the following days in the nearby villages. The fire was caused by chemical powder used by Rakhine extremists to put Rohingya homes on fire. (Read Details HERE)

However, on 15th March 2014, Police from Kyeing-Chaung (Bawli Bazaar) Station arrested four innocent Rohingya women under the false pretext that the their (the women’s) ignorance caused the fire. The Police inhumanly and brutally tortured them for forced admission of being guilty. When the women refused to say as they were forced, police inhumanly burned their private parts with candle fire. (They are of the age 29, 46, 35 and 55 respectively. Their names are witheld for privacy.)

On 16th March 2014, the critically injured women were admitted to Kyein-Chaung hospital. Upon seeing the injuries of the women, Dr. Nu Kethi San, the incharge doctor of the hospital, slammed the policemen (that tortured the women). On 17th March 2014, polie brought them to Maungdaw court and charged them under false cases. Afterwards, they were sent back to the Kyeing-Chaung police station.

One of the women has a breastfeeding baby and the administrator of the village has to take the baby to the mother in the lock-up every day. Since they don’t have any clothes other than those on their bodies, some Rohingyas from Kyeing-Chaung donated three pairs of clothes to each of them. On 21st March 2014, they were handed over to the Maungdaw Police Station and are still in the detention of Maungdaw police custody.




  1. Shuaib ELyas Shuaib ELyas March 25, 2014

    UN,US,UK and some other countries are complicit with these crimes by easing sanction on Myanmar …. Though the President Then SIN sent a clear message to the world that he will exterminate the Rohingya and eradicate them from thier roots ….by the way Rohingyas are Muslims so there is Valid reason to stay Calm by the International Media as well …. BUDDHIST TERRORISM IN MYANMAR

  2. Haroon Yousuf Haroon Yousuf March 25, 2014

    Enough is enough. Where are so called human rights organization of the world.

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