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Myanmar Military Gang-Rape Rohingya Woman in Buthidaung


Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Buthidaung, Arakan- Myanmar Military gang-raped Rohingya woman at Paya-Pyin-Aung-Pa monastery of Nyaung Chaung village tract of Buthidaung township on 6th April 2014. Locals say the woman is still in critical condition.

“Around 1PM on 6th April 2014, Military staying temporarily at Buddhist monstery in the village of Paya-Pyin-Aung-Pa, Buthidaung township, arrested a Rohingya woman called Gul Bahar (Age 40) hailing from the said village. She was forcibly taken to the monastery. There, they tight her hands and legs. Then, they raped her one after another until the midnight.

Around 3:30AM, having extorted Kyat 200,000 (from her husand via a middle-man), the military handed her over to a 10-household-head of the village. She is still in critical condition” said a local of the village.

“She was arrested and gang-raped because her husband, U Iliyaz, went into hiding. They came to arrest her husband just because on 4th April 2014, the hay-stack-pile in their premise caught fire and got burnt. And they do not know how the hay-stack caught fire. We feel Rakhine terrorists set the hay-stack on fire like they did in Maungdaw.

These military are those that accompany the teams of census enumerators during census survey in the township. They haven’t gone back to their respective cantonments that they belong. They are led by a military captain. They are staying at the monastery of the village of Paya-Pyin-Aung-Pa of Nyaung Chaung village tract.

Now, this is what we face. Ruthless brutalities! They commit crimes against us with impunity” he exclaimed.





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