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Myanmar Military Captain Behave Barbarically with Rohingyas in Rathedaung

By Naing Lin

Thursday, May 22, 2014


Rathedaung, Arakan State– Captain of Battalion 552 beat up several Rohingyas for money at the village of Aaga Taung in Rathedaung Township on 21st May 2014 morning. Besides, he demanded the villagers to submit him the most beautiful Rohingya girl in the village as his courtesan.

“Captain Kyaw Swa Myint of Battalion 552 is in charge of security in villages such as Aaga Taung and Kan Seik in Rathedaung Township. Around 1:30AM on 21st May 2014, he entered the village of Aaga Taung and extorted money from the following Rohingyas of the village administration team.

1)       Abdul Razzak (son of) Abdul Rahim, Kyat 50,000

2)       Noor Islam (son of) Abdu Shukkor, Kyat 30,000

3)       Habis Ahmed (son of) Abdul Kadir, Kyat 20,000

4)       Abdullah (son of) Abdu Jalil, Kyat 20,000

He beat up the above-mentioned people besides extorting money from them” said a local in the village.

“Above all, he demanded the villagers a barbaric, stupid and dirty kind of thing. He said ‘you have to find out the most beautiful Rohingya girl in your village. You have to submit her to me. I want to keep her as my courtesan. I will keep her as long as I want. If you fail to do it, I will burn your whole village down.’

Therefore, we are extremely worried about that as he has committed crimes against Rohingyas, young, old, men and women alike, and similar atrocious acts in the past, too” he anxiously said.

Rathedaung Jetty (Photo:
Rathedaung Jetty (Photo:

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