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Myanmar Gov’t Confiscate Rohingyas’ Agricultural Lands for Rakhines

By Rohingya Eye ׀

Wednesday, July 2, 2014 ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

Myanmar Authority has confiscated acres of Rohingyas’ agricultural lands for Rakhines in southern Maungdaw, increasing crises among Rohingya land owners and farmers whose livelihoods depend on agricultures, a reliable source says.


The Myanmar government on June 27 seized more 25 acres of the lands belong to local Rohingyas for *Natala Rakhines. The government handed the ownerships of the lands over to the Natala Rakhines without paying any compensation to the original land owners.

“More than 25 acres of lands located to the east of Baggona village in southern Maungdaw were confiscated on June 27. The lands were handed over to Natala Rakhines without paying any compensation to Rohingyas. The details of the people whose lands have been confiscated are:

1)     Abu Shama (son of) Abdul Gaffar (of age 62), more than 1 acre of land confiscated

2)     Jinnah (son of) Sayedul Islam (of age 35), 18 acres of land confiscated

3)     Sayed Alam (son of) Motiur Rahman (of age 70), more than 1.5 acres of land confiscated

4)     Abul Faiz (son of) Sayed Ahmed (of age 55), more than 1.5 acres of land confiscated

5)     Sayed Amin (son of) Auli Amin (of age 56), 2 acres of land confiscated

6)     Noor Amin (son of) Abdul Amin (of age 60), 2 acres of land confiscated

Many more acres of land have been seized. They have not been listed yet. Similar confiscations of lands took place in *Pantaw Pyin village and *Nyaung Chaung village” a Rohingya elder said on the condition of anonymity.

Hundreds of acres of lands have been confiscated from Rohingyas and the ownerships have been transferred to the Natala Rakhines in the past decade. Besides, authority uses Rohingyas as forced labors to cultivate the lands on behalf of the Natala Rakhines.

About some usages in this report:

*Natala Rakhines= Mixtures of Bangladeshi Rakhine (Maghs) and some vagrant Burmans from central Myanmar

*Pantaw Pyin= locally known as Lal Boinna village

*Nyaung Chaung= locally known as Khadir Bil village

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