Shuaib December 9, 2016

RVision TV News ၊ December 8, 2016

Arakan – Myanmar government including Buddhist racists are now spreading some unrelated or fake, illusive videos and pictures of violence as well as violation in social media trying to falsify the Rohingya reported news on military atrocities against them.

These videos and pictures are of persecution in Africa, Syria, Cambodia, Yemen, etc. which were spread across the world before 5-7 years. The ulterior motive of the government is to make Rohingya circulate them in social media so that they will be referred by the government later to confuse people with real videos and photos of the ground and to make Rohingya and their news unbelievable to the world.

Actually, there are some imprudent Rohingya people who are unknowingly sharing these kinds of videos and pictures in Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp and so on.

 Moreover, the fake document will be brought in front of the leaders, activists of human right or countries that are raising voices against genocide in Burma and to play down the case in order to get a chance again to exterminate Rohingya completely.

Meanwhile, Myanmar government has already taken the stance to draw attention of the world into fabrication and is trying to prove that nothing is done against “Rule of Law”, Suu Kyi’s verbal sweet voice where the world has been sunk down obstructing to see the hot sun.

[Edited by M. Shuaib]

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