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Myanmar Border Guard Police Arbitrarily Arrests Rohingyas for Ransom

By MYARF ׀ Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Maungdaw, Arakan State ׀

Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) daily harasses local Rohingya people in Maungdaw Township, arbitrarily money from them and robs their belonging, making the lives of the locals extremely difficult and vulnerable, say sources in the region.

Maungdaw Thawan Chaung

 Myanmar Border Guard Police replaced the Nasaka, the former Border Security Force notorious from untold crimes against Rohingyas, last year. However, it has been proving to be more brutal than Nasaka used to be. Nowadays, BGP torture Rohingyas at Kyauk Pandu village in southern Maungdaw on rampant accusations in order to extort money from them.

“U Sayed Ullah (son of) U Naju Meah and U Sayed Ali (son of) Dudu Meah hail from Kyauk Pandu in southern Maungdaw partner a business. They had a verbal argument while they were checking business accounts around 2:30PM on July 17. Soon, four Border Guard Police personnel from the base in the village arrived at and accused them of physical fighting with each other. And then, they were arrested even though both of them said that it was just a minor argument. Around 5PM of the day, the police released them having extorted Kyat 50,000 from each.

Around 11AM of the same day, police from the same base mentioned-above stopped a Rohingya farmer named Jamil Ahmed (son of) Abdul Khalique while he was going through the village to his farm. Then, police accused him that he was running away from them because he possessed an illegal Bangladeshi Mobile Phone. The police checked up his body. No such mobile phone was found. Yet, he was arrested. After extorting Kyat 25,000, the police released him around 5PM of the day.

Moreover, on June 18, around 5PM, two Rohingya men, Abu Siddique (son of) Mohammed Akhbar and Asad Ullah (son of) Yusuf, were chatting sitting in the compound of a religious school in the village. Police from the base in the village arrived and arrested them arbitrarily accusing them of possessing Bangladeshi SIM Cards. Though nothing was found with them, they were beaten up and arrested.

Having extorted Kyat 25,000 from Abu Siddique and a chicken worth Kyat 8,000 from Asad Ullah, the police released them later of the day” said a local of the village declining to be named.

On the other hand, BGP at various check-posts on highways in Maungdaw harass Rohingya passers-by and extort money from them.

“There is a BGP (Border Guard Police) base at a Buddhist monastery at a Natala Rakhine hamlet called Ywa-Thit of Tharay Kunbaung village tract, southern Maungdaw, on Maungdaw-Alay Thankyaw Highway. Police at the base frequently stop Rohingya passers-by to arbitrarily harass and torture them. Then, the police rob their money and valuable belongings. Besides, they extort money from Rohingya motorcyclists and motor-vehicle drivers.

Similar abuses against Rohingyas are also practiced by Border Guard Police at the check-posts of Zawmadat (also known as Lambaguna) village and Nurullah hamlet of Baggona village” said a local Rohingya in southern Maungdaw to Rohingya Vision TV.

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