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Myanmar BGP Force Rohingyas to Accept ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants’ Tag

By Sindhi Khan

Tuesday, June 17, 2014


Maungdaw, Arakan: On 15th June 2014, Myanmar Border Guard (BGP) at their gun-points forced many Rohingyas at Taungpyo sub-township in northern Maungdaw to Accept ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants’ classification. Besides, they vandalized many Rohingya homes.

“Administrator of Quarter 2 under Taung Pyo sub-township, northern Maungdaw, is a Dinet Rakhine extremist called U Kyaw Zan Hla., He together with Border Guard Police (BGP) raided Rohingya homes in Quarter 2 on 15th June 2014 in order to force Rohingyas to accept ‘Illegal Bengali Immigrants’ classification. Knowing this, many Rohingya men left homes to avoid the forced classification. (It was because if there are no men or household heads present, in many cases, authority do not carry census or forced classification.)

However, BGP vandalized many Rohingya homes and bodily harassed women in the homes. Then, they forced the women and some men in some other households to accept the classification at their gun-points. Some victims of the forced classification are:

1)     Noor Mohammed (son of) Ali Meah (of age 53), BGP destroyed the door of his house

2)     Habibur Rahman (son of) Mubarak Ali , ), BGP destroyed the door of his house

3)     Mohammedur Rahim (son of) Nazir ahmed (of age 40)

4)     Daw Mamuda Khatun (daughter of) Nazir Ahmed (of age 52)

5)     Sarjida Begum (daughter of) U Bashu (of age 35)” said a victim of BGP’s atrocities.

“Similar operations of forced Bengali Classification were also carried out Quarter 3, Quarter 4 and Quarter 5. However, they were unable to force all Rohingyas in the region to accept the forced classification” he continued.

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