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Myanmar Authority Torture Rohingyas and Plunder their Homes

By Rohingya Eye ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan State

Sunday, July 6, 2014 ׀

A group of Myanmar Military, Border Guard Police (BGP) and Immigration Officials tortured Rohingyas in southern Maungdaw and plundered their homes on Tuesday, says a reliable local source.

A BGP Team in Oo Kye Kya (Oo Chin Gya) Village Northern Maungdaw, Attempting to Force Rohingyas to Accept "Illegal Bengali Immigrants Classification"
A BGP Team in Oo Kye Kya (Oo Chin Gya) Village Northern Maungdaw, Attempting to Force Rohingyas to Accept “Illegal Bengali Immigrants Classification”

The atrocities against the Rohingyas came along with an operation forcibly classify them “Illegal Bengali Immigrants” violating various human rights.

“At about 12PM on June 1, a joint group of (around hundred) BGP, Military and immigration altogether entered a Rohingya village called Thawan Chaung village also known as Bassara in southern Maungdaw. Then, they tried to raid every household in the village in order to forcibly classify the household members as “Illegal Bengali Immigrants.” Therefore, many households were reluctant to open the gates for them.

Upon that, the authority destroyed the gates and walls of some houses. Then, they robbed valuable household properties breaking into the houses. The plundered households’ belong to:

1)     Mohammed Rafique (son of) Abbas Meah (of age 27), a car battery worth Kyat 20,000 seized

2)     Fatema (daughter of) Shainuddin (of age 45), Kyat 70,000 and two Chickens seized

3)     Iman Hussein (son of) Bakkar (of age 60), kicked severely, his two chickens seized and house vandalized

4)     Auli Ahmed (son of) Zainal Abideen (of age 50), his house vandalized, his 18-year-old daughter and daughter in law slapped and whacked by gun

5)     Boli Noor Hussein (son of) Fedaan (of age 60), the gate of his house destroyed

They broke into many homes and forced the members in each household gather in one place. They robbed properties in the homes to their hearts’ content. Therefore, the villagers are still living in fear and trauma due to barbaric acts by the authority” said a local Rohingya source.

However, the atrocities by the authority didn’t end there. They did similar atrocities in another Rohingya village too.

“In the afternoon of the same day, another group of the above-mentioned authority raided Thandar (Saindar) village in southern Maungdaw for the same purpose. Many Rohingyas went into hiding fearing the “forced Illegal Bengali” Classification.

The group ordered the 100-household-leader, Mausi Uddin (son of) Ali Ullah (of age 50), to get himself and his family classified as Bengali. The household leader replied he would not be to do so as his wife was absent. The joint group said that the classification as Bengali can be done in the absence of his wife. The household said that he was unable to do so as he could not find out the family census list and didn’t know where it had been kept by his wife.

Thus, BGP members of the group severely beat and kicked him resulting him with severe bruises and injuries” said Rohingya of Thandar village.