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Multiple Robberies by Armed Robbers and Casualties in Rohingya Villages

Few Rohingyas Died in an Encounter with armed Rakhine Militants cum Robbers in Buthidaung (Photo: Open Source)

Multiple Robberies by Armed Robbers and Casualties in Rohingya Villages
February 18
16:54 2015

By Sallam Oic & CR Ahmed

Buthidaung, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) – Some unidentified armed robbers have committed multiple robberies in many Rohingya homes across Buthidaung and Maungdaw Townships over the last few days, whereas a few casualties have also occurred during the roberries, the reliable sources said.

The locals in Buthidaung Township strongly believe that the armed robbers that attack the night-guards and robbed several Rohingya homes in the township in the recent days are the members of a Rakhine militant group called Arakan Liberation Army (ALA). Besides, some Rakhine members of Myanmar’s Border Guard Police (BGP) are also suspected to have cooperated with the militant cum robbers in committing the robberies.

“Many robberies have taken place in Buthidaung Township in recent days. 10 Rohingya homes were robbed in ‘Na Fara’ hamlet of Ngaran Chaung village tract last Friday night. Similarly, around 30 armed robbers encountered with the Rohingya nigh-guards in ‘Kyee Nouk Thi’ village around 11:15PM on Monday night. During the encounter with the guards and the villagers, one robber died and three others got caught alive. The remaining robbers managed to flee.

From the villagers’ side, two teenagers died and their father got severe injuries. Later, the robbers caught were handed over to the authority” said a Rohingya, on the condition of anonymity, in the region

“They were Rakhines and are highly like to be the members of Arakan Liberation Army (ALA). They are led by a notorious Rakhine militant cum robber called Boh Kyaw Han (Lieutenant Kyaw Han). They have sneaked into Arakan from Bangladesh as per their confessiosn. Besides, some Rakhine members of BGP are said to have allowed them to commit the robberies” he added.


One of the two Bangladeshi Armed Robbers caught alive in northern Maungdaw (Photo: Open source)

Another attempt by some 15 armed robbers to rob a Rohingya home at ‘Ngan Chaung’ village in northern Maungdaw took place on Monday night. However, the attempt was proven abortive and two robbers were caught alive with a hand-made gun and a sword respectively.

“Some 15 robbers sneaked into the premise of the residence of U Abdu Salam in Naing Chaing also known as Ngan Chaung Village around 10:30PM on February 16. They ordered the family members to open the doors of the house. Since the people in the house didn’t open the doors, they started firing bullets on the walls. The family members shouted out for help. The villagers came in crowd for the rescue of the family under the attack. Hencem the robbers fled to the nearby forest to the east.

During the incidence of the robbery, some villagers informed the military arrived at the region for patrol and south their help. They replied that they could not come out of their camp unless they were ordered by their commander.

However, the villagers managed to catch two robbers together with a hand-made gun and a sword in their hands respectively. And later, they were handed over to the Border Guard Police headquarter in Kyi Kan Pyin (Khawar Bil)” said a villager-eyewitness of the incident.

In the Maungdaw robbery attempt, the armed robbers are said to be Bangladeshis carrying out robberies with the cooperation of the Myanmar Border Guard Police (BGP) and other armed forces. Locals believe, for otherwise, there is no way the robbers could sneak into Myanmar amidst heavy Border Security and patrol by the Military and the BGP.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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