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Mrauk-U Tsp Administration Threaten Rohingyas for Family Census Data

Report by Kasim | Written by M.S. Anwar

Saturday, April 12, 2014

Mrauk-U (Fatthar Killa), Arakan State– Around 8PM on 10th April 2014, Administration of Mrauk-U (Mro-Haung, Fatthar Killa) township ordered Rohingyas of Aung-Daing (Tawdain) to provide their family lists and detailed data to its office by 12th April 2014. The family data is said to be used for the ongoin population census, in which Rohingyas were denied of participation for self-identification of their ethnicity.

“Around 8PM on 10th April 2014, the township administration issued an order to us demanding our family lists, number of people, gender and other details. They said that we will be punished if we fail to follow the order. But they didn’t say how they would punish us. They ordered us to submit them by 12th April 2014. They want to them use in the census enumeration without our permission” said a villager of Aung-Daing (Tawdain) of Mrauk-U township.

We stood firm on our legitimate claim of our ethnicity, Rohingya, which is in a way abiding by the law of the ongoing population census. It is mentioned that everyone has the right to self-identify their ethnicity. But here, what they write in books and what they practice is totally different” he added.