MD December 26, 2013

Training session Concluded on Tuesday which was organized by Al Jazeera Centre for Training and Development owned by  Al-Jazeera Network in Qatar. Training titled ” Official Spokesman ” attended  from private and  government sectors along with official figures , which was Presented by Mr. Nassir Badri the director of AL Jazeera office in London.  Training was continued for three days with many participants from media sectors and directors of various media department from Gulf States.
sa02 President of RNA Mr. Ata Noor has attended this 21 Hours training Session by the invitation of Al Jazeera Network in Qatar. He presented appreciation and gratitude to the director of Al Jazeera and the director of Training center on behalf of all RNA members for this opportunity and cooperation and particularly expressed thanks for contributing in the Rohingya Human Resource Development.  He also expressed gratitude for receiving a very warm welcome and hospitality from the center and especially their support morally and finically to attend this course.

Mr. Ata Noor is the first Rohingya who obtained this kind of certificate with high grade in field of “Official Spokesman” with this cert he shall be allowed to talk on behalf of Rohingya People around the world in Arabic Language whether in conferences or media platforms like TV, Radio, newspaper, magazine or electronic media.


sa04At the end of the session director of Al Jazeera Centre for Training and Development Dr. Mohammed Alonuari with trainer Nasser Al-Badri awarded certificates of participation to all participants of the session , he was pleased with the conclusion and wished every participant for great success in their working lives .

It is worth mentioning that the Rohingya News Agency (RNA) is a member of the Rohingya Conference which was held in Bangkok in Sep 2013 and works within the media group that emerged from this conference.



Rohingya News Agency (RNA)