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Thandwe Updates: More than 100 Kaman Houses Razed, Around 15 Kamans Said to Have Been Killed

M.S. Anwar |

October 1, 2013

Thandwe, Arakan– Since this (1st October 2013) morning, in the villages of Thab-Pru-Chaing, Shwe-Hlay and Hnin-Si of Thandwe Township, more than 100 Kaman houses have been burnt down by Rakhine terrorists. Meanwhile, around 15 Kaman Muslims are also said to have been killed by the terrorists.

“Rakhine terrorists set ablaze two houses, a mosque and a shop in the downtown of Thandwe on 29th September 2013. This morning, they started torching of Muslims’ houses again in the village of Thab-Pru-Chaing. Later, it spread to Shwe-Hlay and Hnin-Si villages. Till date, Rakhine terrorists have burnt down more than 100 Kaman’s houses. They also killed not less than15 people.

Military and Security Force are doing nothing to protect Muslims and their properties from the Rakhine terrorists and extremist monks. Rather, they shot at the Muslims who were trying to defend their lives and properties. And then, they confiscated all the knives and swords that Muslims had for their defense. Our houses are still burning. What has been happening here is really heart-breaking” exclaimed a local Muslim of Thandwe.

“Media, either, are not reporting the real situation of ours here. They are reporting under-estimated figures of the loss of our properties and lives. And it looks like Rakhine terrorists are highly coordinated with the authority. Now, thousands of people are hiding in jungles and forests without food, water and shelter” he added.

Aung Aung Tweet Than Dwe

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A Kaman Muslim House on Fire in the Downtown of Thandwe (Photo Credit: Myanmar Muslim Media-MMM)
A Kaman Muslim House on Fire in the Downtown of Thandwe (Photo Credit: Myanmar Muslim Media-MMM)