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By Rohingya Eye ׀ Maungdaw, Arakan state

Sunday, October 26, 2014

At least 32 people from the persecuted Rohingya community left the violence-hit Arakan State of Myanmar for Malaysia on October 19, whereas Myanmar’s authority gave full cooperation to the human traffickers in smuggling the people out, according to reliable sources.

The people left the coast of southern Maungdaw by small engine boats and were, afterwards, believed to get on the trawling boat of the human traffickers anchored in the Bay of Bengal within Myanmar’s territory.

It has also been learnt that the authority do not allow the people get back on the land and return to their homes in case that they face any troubles on their way. Once the unfortunate people leave Myanmar’s territory, they have to leave it forever.

“Habizullah (son of) Khala Hussein of age 49 and Zaid Hussein (son of) Salen of age 39 are two human traffickers hail from Montula hamlet and Zey Paung Dan hamlet (of Alay Than Kyaw village tract) respectively. He gathered some 32 people to smuggle them to Malaysia via Thailand on October 18. They charged Kyat 150,000 per person.

The people were supposed to take to the trawling boat anchored in the Bay of Bengal in Myanmar’s territory by small engine boats from Gudaa Chaung River in Byu Haa Hmuu village, southern Maungdaw.

For that, the human traffickers bribed:

  • Kyat 300,000 to the Military Captain of the Infantry Unit based in Byu Haa Hmuu village
  • Kyat 200,000 to the Special Brach Police (SB)
  • Kyat 200,000 to the Military Security and Intelligence (SaYaPha)

However, since the Border Guard Police (BGP) based in Udaung village and the administrator of Alay Than Kyaw, Maung Than Naing, didn’t get their shares of bribe, they raided the place and detained the people leaving the coast.

When the traffickers bribed them Kyat 400,000, they allowed them to leave the coast. Among the 32 people, 30 were men and 2 were women” said a Rohingya in the region on the condition of anonymity.

Eyewitness say that there are three more trawling boats anchored at the mouth of the Naff River in the Bay of Bengal within Myanmar’s territory. Hence, they believe there more people to leave Arakan state by small engine boats from coasts of Pa Nyaung Pingyi (Daang Khali) village, Alay Than Kyaw (Haishshu Rata) village and Myint Hlut (Mer Ullah) village in southern Maungdaw soon.

“If the people return to the coast in case of any danger or trouble, the Border Guard Police do not allow them to get back on the land. They either push the boats away to the sea or arrest the people and imprison them.

The Myanmar Government does not take any actions against human traffickers but torture or imprison the innocent and persecuted Rohingya people instead. Hence, it is pretty obvious how systematically Myanmar’s authority contribute towards human trafficking in order to achieve their heinous agenda to root out Rohingyas from Arakan” said an elderly Rohingya.

According to a recent report by Associate Press (AP), Yangon, more than violence-hit and persecuted 100,000 Rohingya people have left Myanmar. However, the actual numbers of the people might exceed this figure provided by AP.

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