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More on the Mass Arrests of Innocent Rohingyas in Maungdaw

By Rohingya Eye

Maungdaw, Arakan State (Rohingya Vision) — Many innocent Rohingyas are being arrested en masse in various Rohingya villages in Maungdaw Township on the pretext of connection with the so-called external militants, the locals report.

The Border Guard Police (BGP) and the Military arrested not less than 11 innocent people from different Rohingya villages in northern Maungdaw last Thursday early morning.

“The military and the BGP raided and besieged many villages in northern Maungdaw around 1:00AM on November 27. When the people tried to approach to ask them why they were some other people in the respective villages, they opened fire in order to frighten the villagers. Subsequently, they arrested 11 people under the false allegation that these people have connections with *RSO. They are:

  • Noor Alam (son of) Ashraf Meah, 48, Chong-Nap-Phay village
  • Abdu Jalil (son of) Ajimuddin, 38, Aung Thabbyay village
  • Saleh Ahmed (son of) Khalu, 44, Aung Thabbyay village
  • Shah Alam (son of) Amir Hussein, 42, Aung Thabbyay village
  • Ziyabul Hoque (son of) Sultan, 35, Ye Aung Chaung village
  • Ali Hussein (son of) Kabir Ahmed, 36, Lain Thi village
  • Noor Alam (son of) Ali Akhbar, 40, Kammauk Seik village
  • Mv Yacob (son of) Abdul Matlib, 44, Thit-Tor-Na-Kwet-Sun village
  • Mohammed Toyub (son of) Noor Hussein, 41, Thit-Tor-Na-Kwet-Sun village
  • Nabi Hussein (son of) Ahmed Hussein, 48, Nat Chaung village
  • Mohammed Alam, 42, Pan Myaung hamlet, Londoong village tract

The people have been taken to unknown places and have been incommunicado since then. Their families do not know their whereabouts” said a local declining to be named.

“Since the escalation of arbitrary arrests of the men en masse, they can’t sleep at home at night. In fact, we all need to sleep outside our homes in this cold season.

We feel the government and the Rakhine extremists are possibly trying to trigger another round of violence for their own interest at the expense of ours” he continued.

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*RSO= Rohingya Solidarity Organization RSO is a former Rohingya armed group that has been disbanded long ago. Bangladesh government has officially announced that it is no longer existent today. Burma Experts on Minorities’ Armed Groups, Bertil Linter, has denied any such existence of RSO with arms.

Now, Rakhine extremists and Myanmar Government have started to spread propaganda that militants from RSO (Rohingya Solidarity Organization), are infiltrating into Myanmar so as to be able to scapegoat and kill even more innocent Rohingyas to achieve their respective political goals.  

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