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More On Rohingya Boat Disasters and Human Trafficking Rings

M.S. Anwar | November 8, 2013

A report has recenetly made on how the human trafficking rings that involve Myanmar authority, black-sheeps within Rohingya community such as unethical and greedy Rohingyas and Thai human traffickers etc are exploiting the the desparate and vulnerable condition of Rohingyas in Arakan for their self-centered benefits. Consequently, that is leading to countless Rohingya boat disasters and hundreds of innocent Rohingyas are facing untimely deaths in the sea. (Click to read earlier report: Rohingya Boat Disasters and Human Trafficking Rings)

Similarly, a boat carrying 38 (in another report, 67-70) internally displaced Rohingyas capsized and sank off the coast of Sittwe (Akyab), Arakan, on 3rd November 2013. Some people came back alive, many died and disappeared. (Report HERE). Following are some pictures of the dead bodies of those Rohingyas died in the sea and found at the coast of Sittwe.

corpse of death in the sea
Corpses of Rohingyas Died in the Sea (Photos: Sallam Oic Group)

Earlier, I have mentioned many names of human traffickers from within Rohingya community. One more list of the names of traffickers is given below:

“1) Zubair (Son of) Lukhman Hakim from Kyi-Kan-Pyin (Khawar-Bil) village, Maung Daw

2) Maung Maung @Murtaaza (Son of) Mustafa from Myoma Kayindan (Shidda-Fara0 village, Maung Daw

3) Enayat Ullah (Son of) ? From the village of Myint-Hlut (Merullah), southern Maung Daw

4) Kamal (Son of) Abdul Aziz from the village of Taung-Byo (Hlet-Wei) (Left), northern Maung Daw

5) Ayub (Son of) Arbu from the village of Zee-Bin Chaung, northern Maung Daw

6) Abul Hussain (Son of) ? From the village of Kwan-Thin-Bin, northern Maung Daw

7) Noor Hashim (Son of) Sayed Ullah from the village of Ngan-Chaung, northern Maung Daw

8) Rahimullah (Son of) Ausi Rahman from the village of Du-Chi-Ra-Dan, southern Maung Daw

9) Marda Khatun (Daughter of) ? From the village of Maung-Namma, northern Maung Daw

10) Mohammed Amin (Son of) ? In Malaysia

11) Mv Abdul Razak (Son of) Lukman Hakim lives in Malaysia” (The list is compiled by Sindhi Khan, a Rohingya activist on the ground in Arakan. More names are to be unleashed.)

As long as these human traffickers are not punished according to international law and the human trafficking ring is not busted, they will keep taking advantage of Rohingyas’ vulnerble situation in Arakan. More disasters are expected to take place.

Sorts of Boats by Which Rohingyas Flee from Arakan (Photo: Sallam Oic Group)

To be continued…..

M.S. Anwar is an activist and reports on the situation of Arakan in particular and Myanmar in general. He can be reached at: