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More on Money Extortions from Rohingyas by Myanmar’s Authority

By Najmul Hussein

Maungdaw, Arakan (Rohingya Vision) — Myanmar’s SaYaPha (Defense Security Agency) has increased extorting money from Rohingya businessmen and shopkeepers at the downtown of Maungdaw Township, whereas the village administrator of Nyaung Chaung is also carrying out the similar illegal activities, the local sources say.

The SaYaPha has replaced the former notorious MI (Military Intelligence) after its abolishment in 2004. Since then, it has involved in high profile money extortions, tortures of Rohingyas and chasing them out of the country.

A Local Rohingya in Maungdaw said “SaYaPha Officers originally belong to Myanmar’s navy and in charge the office of the SaYaPha department at the downtown of Maungdaw frequently summon the Rohingya businessmen and shopkeepers to their office. Then, they charge them with different accusations in order to extort money from them. Recently, they have extorted money from the following Rohingyas:

Name Father’s Name Amount Extorted Address Date
Mohammed Ayub Habiullah Kyat 200,000 Quarter 4 16/12/2014
Mohammed Alam Khala Meah Kyat 200,000 Shujah Village 18/12/2014
Ali Johar Jor Mulluk Kyat 50,000 Quarter 5 22/12/2014


On the other hand, the village administrator of Nyaung Chaung village also called Khadir Bil in southern Maungdaw, extorts money from the Rohingya villagers on different pretexts. 

“Around 7:00AM on December 19, U Aung Tin Hla, a Natala Rakhine, the village administrator of Nyaung Chaung village together with the clerk appointed by MaYaKa (the Township Administration), U Zaw Min; and two other villagers, U Hamid and Hafiz Ahmed (son of) Iman Hussein entered the house of Mohammed Zubair (son of) Yunose, 28, and inquired about him. He was absent at the time. So, they ordered his family members to ask him to be present at the village administration office.

Therefore, as Mohammed Zubair came back home, his family told him about the inquiry. He went to the village administration office. As soon as he arrived at the office, U Aung Tin Hla and U Zaw Min said ‘you are hosting and giving shelter to the blacklisted people in your home. You can be imprisoned for that. We have already reported it to the Township administration office.

If you want us to sort out this matter, you have to give Kyat 50,000 for the Township Administration Office and Kyat 500,000 for the Village administration.’

Eventually, they released Mohammed Zubair having extorted Kyat 250,000” said a villager on the condition of anonymity.

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