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Money Extortion Intensifies both in Maungdaw and Buthidaung

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 9th December 2017

Arakan: Military arrested a Rohingya, demanding money over his release and Border Guard police (BGP) conducted illegal checks and extorted money in each stage of census, reports sources.

A group of Border Guard Police (BGP) from Yaung Chaung camp arrived in the villages of Kiyazoningyafara (Thagey Daung) village track and conducted illegal census on the remaining Rohingyas.

In the check they took snaps of each family and did not add the new born to the family list and deleted the dead ones. Moreover they are creating a suspicious list for the people whom were forced to flee and extracted 2500 Kyats/family.

To add a new born child to the family list Rohingyas have to bribe 3 departments, Firstly to the hospital authorities for birth certificate, where almost 800, 00 Kyats must be given to them, later to add to the list more money is demanded by BGP and other government bodies as well, but money ranges vary here from person to person and body to body.

Deleting the dead person also requires similar procedures and bribes in hospital for death certificates and to the authorities for deleting from the list.

Similar incidence occurred on 23rd November, where military arrested a Rohingya with the information provided by a sycophant from Shiddafara village of Maungdaw and tortured him physically to maximum. Later they demanded 200, 000, 00 Kyats over his release and is identified to be Muhammes Sharif S/O Hussain.

Money extortion from birth till death for Rohingyas is a rooted genocidal tool, where Rohingyas are scapegoated in each stage of their life just for the crime of living in their own ancestral land.

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