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Money Extortion by Police in Southern Maung Daw

MYARF Report |

Maung Daw, Arakan |September 11, 2013

1) Aung Kyaw Zin is a Special Branch Police Officer based in HaisshuRata (Alay-Than-Kyaw), southern Maung Daw. At 11:30AM on 8th September 2013, he extorted Kyat 10,000 from Lukhman Hakim S/o Abdul Hoque hails from the village of Kanpu, southern Maung Daw, under the false allegation of torching Rakhine’s houses during the violence in 2012. The same police officer had extorted Kyat 10,000 from same person under the same accusation two months before.

2) Police, Hlun Htein (Security Force), Maung Tun Naing (administrator of Alay-Than-Kyaw) and Kyaw Zeya Oo (100-Household Head) raided nine Rohingya houses in Alay-Than-Kyaw on 7th September 2013 night. They inquired each of the families on their current family members. After that, they took away “Family Census Lists” of the families. Now, they are demanding Kyat 50,000 from each family to return the census lists. The head of these families are:

1) Abdur Rashid S/o Abdul Halek

2) Mohammed Noor S/o Zackaria

3) Mohammed Yonus S/o Oli Ahmed

4) Iqbal S/o Nazir Hussain

5) Yusof S/o Nazir Hussain

6) Shafi Ullah S/o Khalu Hussain

7) Laydu S/o Naju Meah

8) Shafi Ullah S/o Azim Ali

9) Sami Ullah S/o ?

All these familes are in the village of Mong Tullah @Bodu Fara, Alay-Than-Kyaw.

Alay Than Kyat (Photo: Google Map)
Alay Than Kyaw (Photo: Google Map)



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  1. Muhamad Yunus Muhamad Yunus September 11, 2013

    firstly kill kyaw zeya oo, he is not budhist, his original name is asadullah, he is second son of kadir husain

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