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Moghs Shifted their Balzing from Rohingyas homes to Crops and Mosques

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 19th November 2017

Buthidaung: Moghs (Rakhines) shifted their fire from Rohingya houses to their crops and Mosques in village of Buthidaung Township on 18th November 2017, report victims.

At around 8 PM barbaric Moghs (Rakhines) with the help of government started to set fire on the Rohingyas’ harvested crops in ZaiTaung village.

Fire burnt massively and destroyed all the hardly cultivated and harvested crops that was suppose to be the ration of that house for the whole year.

In the same village at 10 PM a Mogh (Rakhine) was caught by the locals as he tried to set fire on the Mosque of ZaiTaung with the help of a bottle of petrol.

Altbough the culprit was caught red handed Rohingyas had to chase him out of the village as no action would be taken against the Rakhines even if Rohingyas reports about their crimes.

Earlier on 17th November 2017, khuii (a tribe in Arakan) blazed 7 Rohingya houses in Tami village track, where hardly few Rohingya remains now and are restricted from movement along with persisting their livelihood.

Burmese government project of genocide on Rohingya turned very successful, where even more than 60 years of persecution can still persist on a nation in an era of so called civilized world. And the nations around the world still continued their useless condemning.

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