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Mogh Teachers Intentionally Remains Absent From Teaching Rohingya Students

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 1st August 2018

Buthidaung: Mogh (Rakhine) teachers allocated for teaching in Rohingya schools of Buthidaung township intentionally remain absent since the beginning of the new academic year of 2018-2019, reports locals from the area.

Rohingya children since the start of the new academic year are still barred from education in primary, secondary and high schools of Buthidauung Township.

In all the schools, Mogh (Rakhine) teachers allocated for teaching Rohingya children remain intentionally absent throughout the teaching period, affecting Rohingya children’s education.


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In a school located at Owak Makya village of They Kang Kwa Song village tract, 10 Moghs teachers regularly remained absent through the whole last month in the school, where most of the students are Rohingya.

In a meeting at Zadi Taung, this was reported by the Rohingya committee to the headmistress of the school. During the meeting, she threatened the committee members instead of taking strict actions on the Mogh teachers.


Rohingya students in Akyab (Sitwe) Township. File photo


Furthermore, in the distribution of school stationery by NGO for the whole year, each Rohingya student had to pay 500 Kyats to the school authorities for free materials.

Parents of the Rohingya children are extremely worried as these situations have become very common since the state-sponsored violence in 2012.


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The future of the Rohingya students looks bleak as there are no alternate educational solutions available for the Rohingya there.

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