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Mogh Police Jointly Accuses Rohingya for Money Extortion

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondent | 16th April 2018

Maungdaw: Rakhine (Mogh) police jointly extorts money from Rohingya in areas of central Maungdaw by different false accusations and in continuation of such activities a Mogh (Rakhines) police extorted money from a Rohingya in the same area on 11th April 2018, reports suffering locals.

At around 05:00 PM a Rohinga youth was accused falsely and arrested from ward 4 of Maungdaw Township by a Mogh member of that same group named San Maung.

He was kept in custody for 2 hours and were later released by extorting 300, 000 Kyats and was identified to be Shahid, 24 years.

2 other members of this money extortions groups were identified to be Tin Tun and Moe Thu and both are from Burmese police.

This group have been planning and jointly persecuting Rohingya on daily basis in central Maungdaw and accuses any Rohingya baselessly.

Earlier this group was involved with human trafficking in coastal areas of Northern Maungdaw and extorted millions of kyats from vulnerable Rohingya.

Money extortion is one of the rooted genocidal tool of Burmese forces which have been destructing economic backbone of Rohingya since decades.


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Rohingya Crises:

Burmese government’s genocidal operation and pre-planned attack since October, 2016 on Rohingya have pushed more than 1 million Rohingya to neighboring Bangladesh in makeshift camp of Cox’sBazar. Now horrors of their past memory in their land and lingering condition in those over crowded camps have left Rohingya in limbo and are hopelessly living in ghettos.

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Rohingya refugees Nasir Ahmed and his mother, cry above Nasir’s 40-day-old son who died as a boat capsized in the shore of Shah Porir Dwip while crossing Bangladesh-Myanmar border, in Teknaf, Bangladesh on September 14, 2017. Image: REUTERS