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Miserable Plight of Rohingya Continues in Rathedaung

By Rvision Correspondents

Rathedaung: Today A Rohingya woman along with new born baby died due to denial of healthcare and restriction of movement, where Rohingyas  in Rathedaung township is under starvation due to an order released by a Maugh MP.

The victim is still unidentified, who hails from Shillhali village of Rathedaung Township. Her tragedy started 3 days ago, struggling day and night for delivery. Finally today at 2:00 PM after her delivery mother along with the new born died, says a local on the condition on anonymity.

Moreover on 2oth October 2016, a Maugh MP Daw khin Su Wey ordered Maugh villagers not to sell or buy anything to Rohingyas. Due to which Rohingyas are in dire situation, where they were already living in starving situation since 2012.

Following the order Maughs ceased buying and selling with Rohingyas even in shops. And if Rohingyas were sent to shops they were returned by saying that “we will not sell anything to you Kalars”,explains a suffering local.

Rohingya residents of Rathedaung are isolated since 2012 state sponsored violence, where movement is heavily restricted and availability of healthcare is impossible for Rohingyas. And now in another wave of attacks going on the Rohingyas since 9th October 2016, starving situation has touched its peak.

Restriction of movement and denial of health care are common GENOCIDAL tools in Arakan, where another 2 of these innocent Rohingyas had to pay the price of living in their own ancestral land.

Compiled and Edited by: Arifa

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