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Miscommunication & Fear of Child Abduction lead to Beatings of Journalists in Rohingya Camps

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 22nd February 2019

Cox’s Bazaar: Fear of Child abduction lead to the beatings of four Journalists, including three Germans and a Bangladeshi by Rohingyas at Lombasiha of Kutupalong Rohingya makeshift camp under Ukhiya upazila in Cox’s Bazar yesterday (21st February 2019), reports a Rohingya from the scene.

The three German journalists were in the camp to film a story on Rohingya children and following that they took few children in their van to buy those toys and gifts to the market.

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In the market, few nearby Rohingya saw the children in the van in crying state and when the children were interrogated, children did not answer as they were just crying in fear of interaction with unknown people.

After seeing the children’s behavior, Rohingya men came into a worrying state and thought they were being abducted, which is very common in Rohingya camps nowadays.

Following the misunderstanding, those Rohingya men started to beat the journalists, which turned their fear into a tragic incident. In the incident, a Bangladeshi police constable was also injured.

Injured German Journalists were identified to be Youcho Lyoli, Astatu Apal, and Grands Stafo. Injured Bangladeshi journalist Mohammad Sihabuddin is head of the production of private Television channel Boishakhi.

According to locals, all of the injured were seen to be headed to a nearby clinic by the Bangladeshi officials and are under treatment.

To know in-depth to the story Rohingya Vision TV took an exclusive interview from a Rohingya at Kutupalong camp, who wished to be unidentified.

He said on 5th February a three month old baby was abducted from his sister’s lap by luring with some snacks by a kidnapper at Balukhali makeshift camp.

In regard to child abduction, he gave another real example from Chakmarkul area, where the child was found dead recently.

Similarly, on 13th February 2019 in a kidnapping incident of a Rohingya girl, the child died in an accident while she jumped from the kidnappers’ car in saving herself.

The interviewee further said due to the fear of such happening incidents this unusual event took place on the German journalist.

Immediately after the clearance of the misunderstandings Rohingya leaders and the elderly expressed their grievances over the incidence.

Following the sudden unusual incidence, the European based Rohingya organization the European Rohingya Council released a statement, wishing the quick recovery of all the injured journalists.

“The ERC regrets the incident which took place on February 21, 2019 in Lombasiha, Kutupalong Rohingya makeshift camp under Ukhiya Upazila at Cox’s Bazar. We wish all the people injured including three German journalists a quick recovery. We hope that the journalists will not judge the entire community based on this rare unfortunate incident,” the ERC further quoted in their statement.

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Child abduction and trafficking is a common crime in Rohingya camps and due to that fear Rohingya are seen to be over cautious for their children’s safety.

Since the Rohingya’s arrival in late 2017, hundreds of Rohingya children were abducted and trafficked by different trafficking syndicates and till today many such cases are unveiled, where parents still wait to know whether their child is alive or not.

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