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Military Uses Rohingya Youths as Forced Labor

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 2nd January 2018

Tongbru: A set of  Rohingya youths  were chased while collecting fire woods in jungle and were forced to work for Military in Tongbru Sub-Township of Maungdaw Township on 1st January 2018, report sources.

In hills of Tongbru a set of Rohingya youths were collecting fire wood as a part of their livelihood. A few minutes later they were chased by a Military team, whom caught them and forced them to work as labors.

“They forced us to work the whole day under the naked sun. We had to carry water all the way to their camps many times” complains a victim. They were released in the evening in extreme tired and starving condition without any food or water. From the same area another Rohingya youth was also arrested who could not be identified yet.

Taking Rohingya youths as forced labor is a rooted genocidal tool in Arakan (Rakhine) where many Rohingya have lost their lives in inhumane custody and is still persisting in an era of so called democratic government in the country.

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