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Military Threats in Rohingya Villages Forcing them Towards Death

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 19th January 2018

Maungdaw: Movement of Military camps in different villages of Maungdaw Township have created an ambiance of fear and forced remaining villagers out of their home on 17th January 2018, reports a victim.

In villages like Tenghali, Zammonia and Shobullahhadha Burmese military have removed their signboards from their camps indicating towards more atrocities for the Rohingya.

Following that at late night villagers from those villages were forced to move out of their homes towards the jungles and hilly areas nearby to hide in spite of extreme harsh cold weather. In fear of saving their lives they had to move suddenly without any proper winter clothing and food stock which will result into more deaths of children and elderly in those hidden condition.

Since the beginning of unrest in late 2017 many Rohingya have lost their lives in deadly sea journey towards Bangladesh. Now military fear have left them in do or die condition either to die in the hands of military or drown in the sea journey.

Villagers from those areas are pleading for international help as their death is confirmed in the hands of a so called democratic government like other thousands of Rohingya before.

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