ZYA June 26, 2017

Maungdaw – Around 60 military have stationed on a small maintain of Kyat Yoe Pyin village, northern Maungdaw, Arakan state, and have been raiding the village since yesterday afternoon, according local sources.

Today on 26 JUNE 2017, early morning, they arrested 3 innocent inhabitants of the village without any reasons known who were going to the Eid ground to perform Eid prayer and tied brutally their hands and feet with a big rope and then, started beating them up mercilessly with strong wooden sticks, and they also do not allow the other pedestrians to move to and from there in village. They are still not identified.

Now the military have spread to every corner of the village and so, the villagers scare to move around because the military is harassing the passersby such as snatching, robbing, beating, etc.

Still no more information about the arrested victims is recieved, also villagers are worrying about them as to what what would be their fate in the hands of merciless Myanmar militaries.