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Military Raids and Tortures Continues in Northern Maungdaw

By RVision TV | 17th May 2017

Maungdaw: Burmese Military arrested, tortured and abused Rohingyas in raids conducted in Ngasajuu (Naisafuru) and Hatgoijjafara village of Northern Maungdaw on 15th May 2017, reports a local.

In the raid, military personals arrived from Kyein Chaung (Bolibazar) and entered the Ngasajuu (Naisafuru) and Hatgoijjafara village of Northern Maungdaw and took position on the main roads.

In the incident they checked every pedestrian and motor cyclist and gathered them in one place, where they were tortured, abused, looted and final money was also extorted too from them.

Later according to the eye witnesses one Rohingya was arrested after severely torturing and abusing. Finally in the evening some witnessed the looting of domestic animals belonging to Rohingyas.

In another separate incidence in Buthidaung BGP along sycophants and village administrator arrested an innocent Rohingya and extorted 500, 0000 Kyats with fake promise of releasing him. According to the local villagers, BGP still detained him even after extorting a huge amount and is in incommunicado since then.

Military Raids, tortures, abuses and mass money extortion have made the lives of the Rohingyas intolerable to live in their own ancestral land, making a mockery of Aung San Suu kyi’s so called democratic government.

[Edited by: Arifa]

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