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Military Raids: Tortures, Abuses and Hunger Reached its Peak in Buthidaung

By RVision TV | 29th May 2017

Buthidaung: Military raided Bujai Chaung village of Buthidaung, where they tortured and abused entire villagers including women and children on 27th May 2017, according to a suffering Rohingya.

In the incident around 40 military personals arrived at the village from 3 directions and raided every household. Where women and children were tortured heavily by false accusation of connection with armed groups in the region.

Due to continuation of raids men from the villages had to flee to jungles and other villages in order to safeguard them from arbitrary arrests and tortures.

Moreover fleeing of men from their houses and making them jobless have accelerated the worsening situation as many families are starving for food and basic necessities. Later many Rohingya houses were destroyed and burned down as well by the military in the raids.

In another separate incident on the same day military raided Naribil village of Maungdaw, where they arrived from Maungnama and locals suspect them of placing mines in the hills they stationed.

Later at 05:00 PM they arrived at the village school and restricted Rohingyas to perform Taraweeh (A special Prayer read in the month of fasting) and ordered them to stay at home as the region is under curfew.

Burmese military’s barbaric action till today proves the silent consent of Aung San Suu kyi government, where Rohingyas are scapegoated in every possible ways to force them flee their own ancestral land.

[Edited by: Arifa]

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