RVISION November 2, 2016

By RVISION TV Correspondents

Maungdaw: Yesterday Military raided different villages of Maungdaw, where looting from Rohingya homes, tortures, arrests and abuses on them was collaborated by Rakhines ( Maghs) as well, complains a local.

In the First incidence 250 army at 6 AM army raided 3 Rohingya villages: SinThaePyin, ZaydiPyin, PanMyaung in Northern Maungdaw. There they Plundered Rohingya homes and tortured civilians and later arrested approximately 30 Rohingyas and kept them locked-up in village’s school. Locals said screaming voices of women & children were heard even outside their villages.

Moreover they torched a pile of trashes & shot its video in ‘SinThaePyin’ village. They also shot the videos of Rohingya civilians fleeing from homes due to the raids. It looks like the Burmese army is trying to stage a fake event & perception like ‘Rohingya burn their own homes & flee.’

In another incidence at 2 PM Burmese Military started raiding NganChaung (Naing Chong) village of Maungdaw, where tortures, abuses and looting were conducted by Military and other authorities along with Rakhine (maghs). According to reports from locals they have evacuated Rohingya from their homes and details or further casualties are still unknown.

At the same time military ordered fence to be removed from Rohingya houses in Ludaing (Du Den) village of Maungdaw. Similar incidence occurred in other villages of Maungdaw earlier as well since the unrest of 9th October.

Edited by: Arifa

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