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Military Intensifies Further Persecution in Northern Arakan

By Rohingya Vision Correspondents | 1st February 2018

Arakan: Burmese forces intensified their persecution on remaining Rohingyas in Tongbru sub-township and started looting Rohingya’s vehicle in Buthidaung Township consecutively from 30th – 31st January 2018, reports sufferers from the area.

On both days since late evening military starts to enter the zero point area of Tongbru sub-township and started abusing Rohingya physically and threatened to leave the area.

“They yelled at the Rohingya and fired on the air to threaten the villagers. They used all forms of abusive ways such as yelling, shouting, torturing, hurting religious sentiments and threatened the locals to leave the village” explains an elderly.

Following the extreme situation villagers are extremely terrified and are force to take perilous journey towards Bangladesh.

In another separate incident in Young Chaung village track of Buthidaung Township military from battalion no. 263 started looting Rohingya’s vehicles such as Motor cycles and Rickshaws.

On 30th January 2 Motor cycles were snatched from the Rohingya and on 31st January 3 Motor cycles and 2 Rickshaws were also looted from common Rohingya.

Authorities threatening and looting are escalating day by day, where on one side commons are threatened to leave and on other side a dramatic talk of repatriation deal in going on between Burma and Bangladesh.

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