RVISION July 7, 2017

By RVision TV | 7th July 2017

Taungbazar: Military arrested 2 Rohingyas in Raimmurbill village of Taugbazar, Buthidaung and is demanding a huge amount over their release on 7th July 2017, reports a local villager.

In the incidence military arrived in the village and arrested the 2 innocent Rohingyas, whom are among the poorest in the village says the nearby Rohingyas. The victims are identified to be:

  1. Muhammed Haroon, S/O Basu, 30
  2. Abdur Rajjak, S/O Muhammed Shafi, 40

Later military demanded, 200, 0000 kyats from their families, whom are unable to fulfill the unlawful demand. In response to the families inability military demanded the amount from the entire villagers and threatened the arrestee to be sentenced to jail, if the amount is not paid.

Following that villagers managed 100, 0000 kyats and went to military for their release, where military rejected the amount and demanded the full amount to be paid. Now villagers along with victims’ families are in extreme fear of the further consequences and details of the situation are still unknown.

Moreover in the same village military kept torturing local Rohingyas with fake excuses, like accusing them to be connected with armed groups in the region. These fake accusation have made lives of the Rohingyas like living in an open prison, whom are already living inhumanly in ghettoes.

[Edited by: Arifa]

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