msa November 11, 2016

By Rohingya Eye | RVision TV News

Maungdaw – The Burmese military arbitrarily arrested four Rohingya civilians and plundered dozens of homes at ‘Thawan Chaung (Bossara)’ village in southern Maungdaw yesterday morning, a reliable source reports.

A joint force of the Burmese army and the Border Guard Police (BGP) besieged the Thawan Chaung village around 9 AM yesterday, where they conducted raids at every home and plundered most of the homes in the village.

“They looted the villagers’ properties. They vandalized the Rohingya properties that were immovable or they were not able to carry away. After that, they checked the household members every residence according to the household list.

“While conducting the raids, they arrested three people, a father and his three sons at a residence just because they (the army) found some iron rods and pieces of rod-like woods. The three people are carpenters and these rods and woods are left-over construction materials only” said a local man on the condition of anonymity.

The four people arrested are Yusof (son of) Sayedullah, 60 and his three sons: 1) Rahmatullah, 27, 2) Sayedul Amin, 23 and 3) Nazimullah, 17.

They were tortured and taken to the KoeTanKauk (Doun Say) BGP Camp. Since then, no information has been heard about them.

Having crippled the Rohingya civilians and destroyed their villages in northern Maugdaw, the Burmese troops have started to do the same to the Rohingya villages – KoeTanKauk (Doun Say), Myint Hlut (Merullah), Thawan Chaung (Bossara), Nurullah, Baggona, Nyaung Chaung (Haadir Bil) – in southern Maungdaw. The Burmese troops have still blocked the access of the humanitarian groups and the international media to the region.

The international authoritative bodies and the international community have chosen just to look on even though the Burmese army’s escalated assaults on the Rohingya since October 9. The same regime has been committing multiple crimes against humanity since 2012.

[Featured image: a Rohingya arrested for possessing home-use knives and rod. Photo related to an earlier incident.]

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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