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Military and BGP Vandalize 3 Rohingya Houses, Loot Belongings in Maungdaw

By RVision TV Correspondent

21st August, 2017

Maungdaw- The brutal Burmese Military and Border Guard Police (BGP) from Sector-4 jointly raided Min Gyi village tract, northern Maungdaw, Arakan yesterday vandalizing 3 Rohingya houses and looting belongings in abundance, according to our correspondent.

Military from Battalion-24 and BGP from Sector-4 jointly besieged four Rohingya hamlets of   Min Gyi (Locally Tulatuli) village tract at around 4:00 AM on 20 August, 2017. The brutal forces took out all the inhabitants including females and gathered in the premises of the school where the male were tortured by kicking, slapping and trashing with the guns or wooden sticks alleging that they have a link with the insurgents.

Meanwhile, some forces entered into the houses and looted the gold ornaments and livestock- goats, pigeons, hens- and money. Moreover, they vandalized 3 houses completely and seized the all things as well as the lands because the owners are Rohingya Muslims whom are deliberately destabilized daily.

The owners of the vandalized houses are:

  1. Mamad Alom, son of Abu Alom, 28,
  2. Sultan Ahmad, son of Abdu Rahim, 62 and
  3. Mamad Noor, son of Halu, 30.

But it is confidently not known that anyone was arrested or not during the raid.

It is reportedly known that military and BGP are now ( at the time of writing the report) on the way to besiege Nurulla Rwa under southern Maungdaw where the locals whom are found on the roads are being beaten inhumanely.

Since 4:00 AM today, the join forces have been besieging the Horitala and Bhakka Guna hamlets of Italia village tract under Maungdaw. But all the causalities have not been reported yet as the raid is going on.

The join forces from different areas, in the same way, are raiding the Rohingya villages again and again in northern Arakan (Rakhine State) and assaulting the women, arresting the men arbitrarily along with robbing their belongings, the locals reported.

A disappointed local human right activist said, “BGP and brutal Military deliberately raiding the Rohingya villages everyday leaving people wounded and assaulted. They arrest men arbitrarily, destroy homes to seize the properties and harass the women intentionally.

“This kinds of tortures have become bitter to us and want to die before they kill us. Who is on the world to save us from these brutality and inhumanity? I think there are no humanity and justice in the world as UN is giving oral service only without taking physical action yet against the tyrannical government”

It is clearly seen that the join forces are now vandalizing the houses which are strong, sustainable and holding heritages of Rohingya people. When they, Myanmar government, can finished these, it will be easy to fulfill their long-cherished desire, in other word, “Finishing Rohingyas completely” from the soil of Arakan.


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