msa March 2, 2017

By Rohingya Mirror | March 2, 2017

Rathedaung — A mentally-challenged old man was left critically ill with face and body injuries after being attacked by Rakhine extremists in Rathedaung Township on Tuesday (Feb 28), sources have reported. 

The old man, who still remains unidentified and seems around 70 years old, was beaten by the Rakhine extremists at the ‘Rakhine hamlet’ of ‘Koetankauk’ village and was abandoned on the beach in an unconscious condition afterwards. 

He was found by some Rohingya fishermen from ‘Shilhali’ hamlet of ‘Koetankauk’ village, who rescued him and carried him to their village . 

“Some villagers here saw the old man earlier on the day at around 9:30 AM. And they asked him who he was and where he was from. He didn’t reply to any questions. They asked him to stay temporarily in the village but he was said to have walked away continuously talking with himself.

“He was seen walking towards and into the Rakhine hamlet of Koetankauk village. Later, I’ve heard he was found in unconscious condition by the sea-beach”, said a local villager of Koetankauk on the condition of anonymity.

After having rescued him, the villagers tried to speak to him but he was unable to speak. He’s unable to move and in critical condition now. The villagers are incapable of taking him to hospital for proper medical treatments.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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