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(Rohingya Vision) — A meeting among Mr. George Soros (Founder/ Chairman) and Mr. Christopher Stone (President) of the Open Society Foundations; and representatives from Rohingya community was held at Chatrium Hotel Yangon on Wednesday evening, wrote U Shwe Maung on his Facebook page.

The Rohingya representatives that attended the meeting are U Shwe Maung, member of the House of Representatives from Buthidaung Constituency; U Kyaw Min, Ex-Elected Member of Parliament from Buthidaung and Ex-CRPP; U Kyaw Hla Aung, an ex-attorney and Rohingya Rights Activist in Sittwe (Akyab); and Daw Wai Wai Nu, the Director of the Women Peace Network, Arakan.

Regarding the vigorous discussions with Mr. George Soros and Mr. Christopher Stone, U Shwe Maung wrote on his Facebook Page:

“We discussed about possibility for peaceful coexistence within Rakhine and Rohingya communities of Arakan, experiences of violence, rule of law, 1982 citizenship law, full-fledged citizenship challenges for Rohingyas, situation of both communities and IDPs camps, assistance to peace & development for all, scholarships and etc.

Upon query by Mr. Soros, we proofed there is no illegal Immigrants from Bangladesh to Arakan mathematically and logically. We referred the Report of Sub Commissioner’s Office of British government, Akhyab 26th April 1826, to highlight population ratio of 60,000 Arakanese Mughs (Rakhines) and 30,000 Mussalman (Rohingyas). The ratio is 2:1.

According to government sources, total population of Arakan in 2014 is 3 million more or less. Out of 3 million, 2 millions are Rakhines and others and 1 million is Rohingya. After 189 years, the population ration in Arakan is still 2:1. It’s amazing.

If we calculate the population of Mussalman by using incremental formula, there must be minimum 2.5 million Rohingya inside Myanmar by now.

But we have approximately 1.5 million of Rohingya Muslims inside Arakan and other parts of Myanmar now. Where are the remainings? They are living in Bangladesh, Saudi Arabia, Malaysia, Indonesia, Thailand, Australia, UK, USA, Canada and etc. So, there are no illegal immigrants of Muslims to Arakan but illegal departures from Arakan.”

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