RVISION May 15, 2017

By Rohingya Eye | 15th May 2017

Maungdaw: Authorities held a meeting with Wa Peik villagers to relocate them to IDPs (Internally Dispalced Camps) labelling hem as model villages on 12th May 2017, according to locals.

The meeting was held at 10 AM, including all kinds governmental authorities at Kyi kan Pyin (Hawar Bil) village including the villagers of Wa Peik.

In the meeting, the authorities said, “We know that you are in critical situations and and we really feel sympathized on you. Now, you can go to your village, we will grant you 200, 000 Kyats, and 0.5 Acres of of land and will also manage roads other needs for you.”

Later, the villagers responded that they don’t need neither their money nor other aids. They also added that they just need permission to stay in their own ancestral lands.

In response to the answers, authorities repeatedly told the villagers to consider some time and try to understand that it would very good chance for the villagers. After repeatedly asking the same questions, villagers responded with the same answers. Finally, the authorities answered that they cannot allow to live in the originals lands.

The lands where the government have managed to relocate the concentrated camps (which the government called model village) in Wa-peik were Rohingyas farmlads, which government handed to the Aung Thar Yar (NaTaLa) villagers after confiscating for decades from local Rohingyas.

Moreover Aung Thar Yar villagers are threatening the villagers not to settle there and if settled their conspiracy is cleared towards the Rohingyas.

Now Rohingyas are in great fear and limbo, where on one side is the Authorities tortures and the other side is Na Ta La villager’s conspiracy. It is clearly seen that once again Rohingyas are scapegoated and are paying the cost for living in their ancestral land.

[Edited by: Arifa]

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