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By Rohingya Eye | April 12, 2017

Maungdaw — A Burmese language media called ‘Thit Htoo Lwin’ published a report on April 8 alleging the Rohingya villagers in southern Maungdaw held meetings for days to form an armed outfit.

The report — stating of quoting reliable sources but was in fact quoting a Facebook post of DMG News Agency apparently led by a group of Rakhine extremists — said that around 150 villagers held meetings at the village of ‘Inn Din’ [mentioned in the report as ‘Inn Taung’] on March 29 for three consecutive days and decided to newly declare an armed outfit called ‘Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA).’

U Aye Myint, a human rights observer based in Maungdaw, said “international news agencies like AP and Reuters have reported that a Rohingya rebel group changed its earlier name ‘Harakah Al Yaqeen or the Faith Movement to Arakan Rohingya Salvation Army (ARSA) on March 31 through releasing a statement, which also made 20 demands for the Rohingya rights to the Myanmar government. So, it’s clear that the ARSA is neither a new group nor associated with the villagers of ‘Inn Din’ in anyway, unlike accused by the ‘Thit Htoo Lwin.’

“But the ‘Thit Htoo Lwin’ spreading false news based on wrong sources like Facebook posts and other undeclared sources like this creates public pressures on the military to take harsh actions on the innocent Rohingya villagers. This is how the Burmese media playing destructive roles towards the Rohingya since 2012, too. Now, the villagers of ‘Inn Din’ are really worried here.”

The Thit Htoo Lwin is an influential Burmese language online media having wider readerships among the Burmese societies in Myanmar and abroad.

[Edited by M.S. Anwar]

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