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Burmese Media Delegation Interrogated Rohingya at Zeroline Area

By Rohingya Vision TV Correspondents | 17th November 2018

Zero-Point: A team of Burmese media delegation interrogated the Rohingya sheltering at the zero-point area today (17th November 2018), reports a Rohingya from the area.

A solo team of Burmese media excluding the international media arrived at the zero-point area at around 11 AM and they interrogated the Rohingya.

[Burmese media delegation at zero-point on 17th november 2018. Image: RVISION TV]

In the interrogation they asked about the demands Rohingya have before they can return to their land Arakan, Burma.

In answer to those question, a Rohingya representative named as Dil Muhammed said firstly they want justice for all genocidal crimes of the Burmese gov’t forces.

Read more on Rohingya’s demand at zero-point:

Secondly he said, they wish to return to their original place after getting compensation of their lost homes and properties and at the end he stressed about the citizenship along with Rohingya’s native status.

The media delegation included almost all newspapers, magazines and news channel except the gov’t channels.

Since late 2017, almost 6000 Rohingya are sheltering at zero-point area and are waiting badly to return home soon, after getting all their deserved rights.

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